Saturday, January 8, 2011


I ran 14 miles this morning. This is officially the longest distance I’ve ever run… by approximately 0.9 miles. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot in comparison, but it’s a milestone number. The only other time I’ve made the 14 mile attempt was a week after running my first half marathon… and that was utter failure. During that failed attempt, my body was done at mile 12. Legs aching and energy low, I had to painfully walk the final two miles back to my car. Demoralizing in fact, as I distinctly remember being passed by an elderly couple… walking… and I think he uttered, “On your left!” as he strolled by… with his cane.
This time was different. Although a little anxious, I was determined to run the full 14… and I did. Outside of a moment of slight dizziness, I felt great! So great in fact, I hammered it home for the last half mile with plenty of energy left to spare. But the accomplishment for me was greater... I did it... one run closer to running my first marathon.
14 miles may or may not seem like a lot of miles to run. It’s relative to your own activity or fitness level. But it all begins somewhere… my 14 miles today began with 1 mile many months back… and as I gradually add a mile every week I will think the same thing. The point is… your most important step is your first… Will you take that first step?


  1. Actually, I think the most important step is day two.....I have started many times.....

  2. Good point... I guess I should have added a caveat to that statement... with the first step leading to a second... then third... etc.

  3. good work, john! very impressive. i'm getting motivated reading your posts. although dan and i are about to buy an elliptical ... our old knees. glad to hear yours are still in great shape :) keep it up.

  4. Great run today John, just don't forget the oatmeal!!