Thursday, January 6, 2011

I suck at swimming...

Some weeks back I hired a swim coach. I can swim mind you, just not well. I’m more of a cannon-ball, doggie-paddle kind of swimmer that could survive out in the open ocean for all of 10 minutes before I would go sadly under. I used to think I could swim anyways… that is until I met my swim coach for the first time. She analyzed my swim for about 30 seconds and deemed my ability a notch above beginner… that is, I can survive if I were thrown into the water… barely. So she’s been teaching me slowly… technique… drills… but it wasn’t doing much for me… even most of my session last night, I seemed to flounder more than swim, seemingly swallowing half of the water in the pool… and that weird curly hair I found in my mouth surely didn’t come from me… But last night, something happened toward the top of the hour. The drills were working… and before I knew it, I was taking long swipes with high elbows with minimal effort. I was gliding through the water… I felt comfortable. A couple of weeks ago, I could only swim 2 laps straight… last week, I swam up to 4… last night I went 8 laps without a pause. I know, doesn’t sound like a lot… but for me, it’s proof that the training matters… the time matters. I suspect I may be up to 12 laps next week… anyone want to join me?


  1. Great job on the blog John, keep it up!

  2. LOL love the curly hair in the mouth part!!!

  3. So after the swim, John came home and said he had a headache. I instantly thought he was either dry drowning, had water or chorline poisoning from drinking all that pool water/foreign hair. Is that weird for a wife? Anyways, I am so grossed out about the foreign hair... I kissed that mouth without knowing!