Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Too Little... To Late...

10 days until my first real Triathlon! Swimming 1500 meters (.93 miles), biking 40k (24.85 miles), and closing with a 10k (6.2 miles) will be the culmination of very little work, very little discipline, and blind optimism… Simply put… I’m dead! “Too little, too late” will haunt me come May 22nd. I may be the first swimmer to call for Lifeguards within the first 100 meters of the swim… If I make it out of the swim and manage to get on my bike, I’ll be the guy puking on the side of Santiago Canyon rd desperately calling for “momma”… and if I make it out of the bike, which would be a miraculous act of God, you may find me walking at the back of the pack calling for “time out!” every few steps. Just thinking about it is making me a little sick… ugh!

Over reacting? Maybe… I certainly trained harder and am much more disciplined than I’m leading on, but logic still tells me I’m under prepared. And I don't mean just a little unprepared... I really mean alot unprepared. Lesson here? Stick to your training program!

Example... A few weeks ago I signed up for an open water session. I went into the session with the afore mentioned blind optimism, thinking that I would be able to perform every drill with ease... after all, I had committed weeks upon weeks swimming lap after monotonous lap… How can I not get through a few drills and a 1200 meter swim? I stuck to my training almost... I almost felt okay in the swim... how can I not find success swimming in open water for the first time? (the following photo is proof of my naivety... note the look of promise and hope...) 

Well, shortly after drill number four I was done. Sprawled out on the sand... nauseous... dizzy... embarrassed. I no longer looked this at ease... I no longer had any confidence... in fact, that day may have started what I'm feeling now... nervous... uneasy... sick... Lesson here? So many lessons, but the big one... Stick to your training schedule!

I learn these lessons the hard way... I'm dumb... thick headed... I over estimate my fitness and underestimate the need for consistent training. Yes, I learn my lessons the hard way... but no lesson will be harder than the lesson waiting for me on May 22nd... Bring it!

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