Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday morning

I’m awake at 5:55am… my body no longer allows me to sleep in. My eyes open at the slight glimmer of sunlight… And as the night melts into morning, I lay awake thinking of what I have to do… and it usually involves running or biking… although recently it’s been all running. Training for my first marathon has put me into heavy mileage. Last week was a 20 mile Saturday… today, I get to step back to a 12 mile day… but I’m still toying with possibly doing 22 miles… So I lay awake thinking about things like this… my obsessions… my swim technique… maintaining my bike… deciding on what running shoes to wear… This is a typical Saturday morning.
So, now I’m up with a bottle of Gatorade, a glass of water, vitamins, oatmeal and a banana. I’m dressed for my long run… decided to make it a 12 mile day as the thought of doing 22 in rainy conditions sounds much less appealing than doing 12. I’m eating my oatmeal and downing my banana… trying to get this down an hour before I head out the door. Today is a neighborhood run… no Backbay or Huntington Beach run… no, I’ll be going this run alone. I’ve filled up my Fuel Belt with water and have a single pack of electrolyte gel for mile 7. I’m set… just need to wait that hour for my food to settle, otherwise cramps or some other gastrointestinal issue… so I wait and write.
I choose this over sleeping in… I choose the early morning hours because the family isn’t up yet, so the hours I’m gone are not missed so much. I don’t fit in my training anymore… this has become the norm. My wife no longer asks if I’ll be running or biking… she expects it. It’s no longer a question of whether or not I’ll be out with the early morning sun… she just needs to know when my sweaty, hurting, beat up, exhausted and happy butt will be home again… and yes, I always return home happy and smiling… after all, there is nothing like starting your day exceeding your own expectations.


  1. John, I just finished my training run this morning with PCRF. We did 5.5 and it was a push for me since I haven't been outting in miles during the week, but it was AWESOME! I found myself up before the alarm today looking forward to seeing everyone and sweating. I think I have caught a bit of the training bug and I too came back with a smile. I get it now, and will now be more supportive when Tim needs to get in his training. Thanks for sharing your thoughts they are inspirational!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. And for me, it is no run for a while. Busy rehabbing the knee but encouraged that with proper strength training, I will be running again soon. Yesterday, my doctor told me that 90% of marathoners that don't strength train have pain, 50% with their knees. I realize that it is hard to fit everything in but make sure you don't leave out some form of strength training a couple times per week. Everything i read and personal experience supports do so. I can say it has helped my swimming and now hopefully my rebuilt knee that in hindsight I did not fully rehab properly. Hope to see you soon. Keep it up and God bless!

  3. go John! don't know how you do it but awesome for you :)